Shopify Plus partners since the very beginning

Lucid is a Shopify Plus agency that helps brands grow by focusing on the fundamental best-practices of ecommerce development.

We are a people-first team built around our passion for our craft, integrity, and a genuine desire to do exceptional work.

We work with brands that are motivated and care about putting products into the world that matter.

We believe in the process of discovery—to fully understand the problems we are setting out to solve, so we can lead with data and expertise as opposed to whims and opinions.

We love big picture ideas and ambitious goals—but also believe in the value of “low-hanging fruit” and incremental wins.

We value nimbleness and agility and lead our clients with discipline and expertise—focusing more on goals and objectives than pre-prescribed solutions.

We are one of the original 12 Shopify Plus partners—and have been working with Shopify for over 15 years.

Lucid was founded in 2000 in New Zealand and is now based in New York City.

Are you looking for a new agency?

We might be a good fit to help you grow if…

  1. You’re a direct-to-consumer brand selling products you care deeply about.
  2. You’re on Shopify or Shopify Plus—or are planning to be.
  3. You are pre-launch with an ambitious, marketing-led growth strategy and are planning to scale rapidly post-launch;
  4. or, you’re growing fast and investing in growth—building the rocketship after you’ve taken off—and you’re ready to replace your duct-taped-together solutions with a more stable, scalable version to accelerate your growth.
  5. You generate more than $5M annual ecommerce revenue;
  6. or, you’re investing more than $250k per year on marketing and paid media.
  7. You have clear goals and objectives but don’t quite know how best to achieve them.

We see the sales process as a series of conversations—as we work with you to fully understand your needs and goals in order to determine whether we are the best team to help you get to where you are needing to go.

Are you looking for a best-in-class Shopify agency?