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How to use authentic storytelling for increasing conversions during BFCM

How to use authentic storytelling for increasing conversions during BFCM

November 20, 2019
Alli Burg

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People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic. — Seth Godin

What is storytelling?

Growth optimization techniques are ever-changing. They can involve anything from running AB tests and experiments to analyzing metrics and scaling positive customer behavior to inform ongoing tweaks and improvements.

It can be overwhelming to think about all the ways you can optimize your site for growth.

One of the major aspects of growth-optimization that is often overlooked is storytelling.

Storytelling goes beyond just the words you use and includes your written and visual content as well as how you merchandize your products. Your “story” is the complete picture of who you are—your products, the founders and the team, your ethos and purpose, the problem your products solve and how you benefit your customers—and the voice you use in communicating all of this.

When you focus on building your narrative around your company and products, everything you tell visitors about you, your company, your products, and your services is part of your story.

Authentic storytelling will turn your visitors into customers and your customers into fans. 

Why is storytelling important for ecommerce brands?

When you put a stronger focus on storytelling into practice, you start to see the personality of your brand emerge and magic starts to happen. Authentic storytelling will increase your customer lifetime value and turn your visitors into customers and your customers into fans. 

Stories have been a part of our communications for thousands of years. In fact 65% of our daily communication involves stories.

So, how can you use storytelling to increase conversion rates on your website?

Tattly is a great example of a brand that uses rich, authentic storytelling to build a strong, loyal following and to engage with their community.

Yay! Give me more of that.

(This will make more sense later.)

Top-of-funnel customers

These are leads or prospects that show interest in your business but haven’t yet taken action or engaged with you.

Leading up to the week of Black Friday & Cyber Monday, you will likely want to increase traffic and to build awareness and increase familiarity with your brand.

Techniques including dramatically increasing ad spend and sending emails to your mailing list. Be sure to carefully adjust your targeting and segmentation to ensure you are driving the best-quality traffic possible.

How to use holiday gift guide landing pages to enhance storytelling

Leading into the holiday season, many merchants will set up beautiful, curated gift guides to use storytelling and merchandising to guide visitors through a curated shopping journey.

Every year, Tattly updates their holiday gift guide to reflect the season and to promote their current best-sellers and favorite products.

Be sure to promote your gift guide landing pages for “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” on paid search and ad campaigns. CPC may be cheaper and your competitors may just be running generic brand ads.

Curate the experience

Add filters to collections for easier navigation—especially the ever-popular Shop All page!

Tattly makes sure to optimize the desktop and mobile filters so customers can easily find what they're looking for. This is especially important for larger catalog sites—making it easier for your customers to browse and build their orders up! 

Add emotion and whimsy

Tattly incorporates their voice into all touch points and employs branded sayings on their filters by displaying phrases like “Oops, remove some of your filters!” if the customer applies too many filters.

Incorporate social proof on your website. If someone loves you, tell your visitors about it! 

Middle-of-the-funnel customers

These customers have engaged with you—likely through an ad or email—but still haven’t made a purchase. Get them to convert over the Black Friday & Cyber Monday by showing how amazing your brand is—with creative stories and unique user engagement ideas. 

Get creative! Have some fun!

On Tattly, customers can select the option to choose confetti at checkout. If you select it, confetti rains down from the top of the screen!

Engage and re-engage—and be consistent

With the increased holiday traffic, make sure you have a retargeting strategy in place. Retarget prospects with your holiday promotions and programs such as loyalty or a subscription program if you have one. Make sure your ads reflect your brand  voice. Tattly uses words such as “yay!” and “fun inside!” which makes the brand feel personal and fun!  

Go beyond the standard holidays—and make up your own!

Think about cutting through the noise of BFCM and make up your own holiday. It’s a good way to bond with your future (and existing) customers and promote your products throughout the year.

Turn it into a game with creative social media posts and funny engaging Instagram stories.

Tattly has a major birthday sale every year, which generates lots of engagement and a huge surge in sales. 

Post-purchase funnel

These customers have made a purchase—yay!

Now, the challenge is to turn them into repeat customers and lifelong fans!

Think of ways you can increase your customer LTV by continuing to engage with them through creative storytelling in the post-purchase flow and on your social platforms.  

Tattly uses order notes at checkout and asks customers to send them special notes. If they are tickled by what you share, they might even email you afterwards to ask if they can post your message anonymously on social media. We love this!

How is your unboxing experience?

Tattly’s packaging is super thoughtful. They have custom mailers—with the option to have a pile of confetti inside! (And, yes, you do get a friendly warning to be careful when opening!)

Over to you! What’s your story?

As you can see, Tattly does an amazing job of incorporating their brand voice and personality into all their customer touch points!

Show us how you are using storytelling to delight your customers and increase conversions by tagging #ShopifyStorytelling. We’ll share our favorites!

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