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New “Conversion Rates Over Time” report in Shopify

New “Conversion Rates Over Time” report in Shopify

July 2, 2018
Galen King

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For any merchant focusing on ongoing incremental improvements to their online store, conversion rates are one of the key metrics to focus on.

Having said that, one must take conversion rates in context. The quality of traffic can have a major impact on conversion rates—broadly speaking, higher quality traffic leads to higher conversion rates. That makes sense, right?

Up until now, tracking this in Shopify over time has been hard as there hasn't been a "conversion rates over time" report.

Well, now there is!

Shopify Online Store Conversion Rates Over Time Report

This is tremendously helpful for anyone working on increasing conversion rates and will certainly be helpful in conjunction with other reports in determining how you're efforts are impacting your store.

In this report, you can track the following

  • Total number of sessions on your store
  • Number of sessions where a visitor added a product to the cart
  • Number of sessions where the visitor reached the checkout
  • Number of sessions where a visitor purchased (and became a customer!)
  • The percentage of sessions resulting in a purchase

This information goes a long way to helping you better identify how effective your ongoing work is and where to concentrate future tweaks and optimisation.

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