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Shopify Superpowers: How to optimize your site for conversions using Privy popups

Shopify Superpowers: How to optimize your site for conversions using Privy popups

April 30, 2020
Alli Burg

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Use site displays to turn more visitors into email subscribers and customers. By using our partner platform, Privy you can easily set up beautiful site displays to capture more emails and SMS opt-ins with pop-ups, banners, fly outs, and more.

Through targeting, we can look to positively impact buyer behavior

Key things to focus on

  • Keep shoppers on your site and close more sales
  • Drive up average order value
  • Engage new visitors
  • Promote free shipping, special offers, & sales
  • Personalize the customer experience
  • Make pop ups that look great and fit your brand
  • Automatically sync new sign ups to email, SMS, loyalty, and retargeting platforms

Pop-ups on your website are a quick and easy way to test which offers and product recommendation mix do customers like most.

Pop-ups and displays are a great at attracting attention from your visitors and with the right messaging or campaign—like a discount or a unique piece of content—is a powerful way to attract customers to opt into your email list.

When you combine these pop-ups with targeting, you can start to optimize these experiences to drive conversions, increase AOV and augment your site growth goals.

To get you started—we’re giving you the top three pop-ups to start using on your site right away.

Welcome pop-up

Create a welcome pop-up to ask new visitors to join your email list in exchange for a discount, piece of unique content, or just to get great updates.

Fields for this pop-up include email. You can also pull in phone number, birthday, gender or other fields to collect customer data to use for more personalized engagement.

A good standard welcome offer is a discount on their first purchase, or free shipping.

Get started with these standard targeting rules for the welcome pop-up

  • Device type: desktop for pop-up, mobile for flyout
  • Campaign signed up is not ‘any campaign’
  • Duration: ongoing

Exit intent cart saver pop-up

Setup a cart save display to trigger a form or coupon reminder for customers about to abandon their cart.

If you don’t want to go the discount route, get creative with your offerings and set up a free gift offer when customer has a certain cart cart value.

Get started with these standard targeting rules for the cart saver pop-up

  • Device type: desktop for pop-up, mobile for flout
  • Cart value: greater then $0
  • Pageviews: Greater than $3
  • Campaign seen is not ‘any campaign’
  • Duration: ongoing

You can also setup a cart value promotion reminder pop-up with targeting set to:

  • Device type: desktop for pop-up, mobile for flyout
  • Cart: greater than $x or product ID specific

Upsell and cross sell

Drive AOV on your site and easily surface product recommendations through upsell or cross sell pop-ups and help customers discover products they may have missed.

Get started with these standard targeting rules for the upsell cross sell pop-up:

  • Device type: desktop for pop-up, mobile for flout
  • Product ID or variant Id in vart does not equal this product
  • Cart value: greater than 0
  • Pageviews: (this session) is greater than 1


To setup the proper targeting for these pop-ups, it’s really important to look at the entire funnel. The messaging that the customers sees should be different depending on what they are clicking on and engaging with.

When we follow these three pop-ups as a framework, we can step into the funnels and think about what these users are looking to do? How can we add value, and relevance for a nice personalized experienced?

Think about first time vs. returning users, the cart size, and the specific products in the customers carts when thinking about the different targeting options available to you.

Use targeting rules, when thinking about what things to fire when you have x amount or this product in your cart. One of our beauty clients has a Privy pop-up that displays when a customer has at least two products in the cart that is part of a skincare kit. The pop-up shows the customer the kit and displays the value savings the customer gets  when they buy the value kit.

Another client of ours shows different messaging when traffic is coming from Instagram. You can creative here and stitch together experiences to show your customer around Instagram only giveaways and special offers.

Integrate your other apps for powerful personalization

You can start to plug in the rest of your program with other apps such as your loyalty app. Privy has an integration with Smile.io rewards. Set your pop-up targeting to order amount, if you have more than 2 orders, serve them with a message that says, “hey did you know you have loyalty points you can use to checkout?”

Every visitor to your site is a potential customer. Make sure to start optimizing that traffic using these on-site display tools to engage your visitors, keep them on your site and covert them into customers.

Learn how to get started with Lucid running your pop-up campaign strategy on your site by contacting us here.

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