Complexity and technical debt are paralyzing

Rebase to a best-practice Shopify theme for BFCM and get the building blocks you need to succeed!

If you’re on an old or custom theme or an unwieldy headless solution, you’re not able to take advantage of all the new features of Shopify—and, it’s likely you’re spending more time and money maintaining your site than making meaningful improvements.

“Sections everywhere

A well-built Shopify theme requires minimal maintenance and provides a flexible framework to support richer content and storytelling.

Prior to Online Store 2.0, a developer was usually needed to add additional templates or sections—and even the simplest rich content blocks required customizations. With the new “sections everywhere” functionality, themes support a rich array of sections and blocks that can be used anywhere on the site—enabling merchants to do a lot more without custom development.


“Working with the Lucid team was a breeze! Communication was swift and professional. They came with great ideas and I never felt as though we were being upsold on things we didn't need. We came in on time and in budget with everyone feeling very pleased with the process overall. I would highly recommend them and their work.”

Nate Mell, Founder of Felt+Fat

Quick rebase

A low-code Shopify rebuild will enable your team to iterate more quickly and make better, data-driven decisions.

Building a successful, purpose-driven consumer brand is hard.

There are countless moving parts and numerous decisions to consider—design, usability, content and storytelling, imagery, apps and add-ons, marketing, logistics, website maintenance…. It’s daunting.

You need a rock-solid foundation to build on—so that you can focus on what matters and what’s going to move the needle rather than getting distracted by maintenance and tweaks.

Upgrade your tech stack and save!

It’s not just your Shopify theme that likely needs rebasing!

Conversational SMS

60 days free

If you’re not using SMS or your approach has been to simply blast out offers, you should look at Attentive, which is a “conversational” SMS platform. Attentive enables you to send timely messages and offers while also engaging with replies via text message.

Done-for-you email and SMS marketing

Free retention audit

If you’re looking to drive more revenue with your email and/or SMS strategy, FlowCandy are fantastic—with their 90-day Accelerator program as well as their completely done-for-you email and SMS marketing services. They’re offering $500 off their Accelerator program for qualified Lucid clients.

Better customer support

2 months free

If you’re managing customer support via email only, you’re probably struggling with timely responses and/or not having customer information at your fingertips. Gorgias is an ecommerce-first help desk that will dramatically improve your ability to offer best-in-class service no matter how many customers you have!

Maximize your retention marketing with email and SMS

Free email and/or SMS rebase consultation

With the cost of paid advertising continuing to go up, email and SMS are more effective than ever for reaching out and connecting with customers and prospective customers. Klaviyo makes it easy to run automated email flows and craft, optimize, and send email newsletters that convert.

Better returns management

1 month free

If you’re currently managing a high volume of returns manually or with a less-optimized solution, Loop Returns will significantly improve your efficiency, give you the ability to convert returns into re-orders, and increase your customer satisfaction and overall bottom line!

Level-up your product reviews

2 months free

If you’re not automating your product reviews, you are missing out on invaluable user-generated content as well as customer feedback! Even if you don’t have enough reviews or you’re unsure if you want to publish them, gathering reviews is essential for your growth.

Higher-converting popups

25% off for 12 months

If you’ve been using the email signup popup built into your theme—or you custom-built it—you are likely missing out on the flexibility to test messaging, optimize content for mobile, and gather helpful metrics to improve conversions.

Improve retention and LTV with subscriptions

Free subscription audit

Not all ecommerce brands are a good fit for subscriptions but if you are selling the kind of products that customers buy repeatedly (such as coffee or tea, cleaning products, razor cartridges, etc.), offering subscriptions is essential. Recharge is offering a free audit to help you better understand how you can maximize the potential and grow subscriptions.

Automated store backups

2 months free

Did you know that Shopify can't help recover your data? Rewind automatically backs up your store every day. Rewind is like having a ‘magic undo’ button—with team of data recovery experts is available to help get your store back to normal 7 days/week.

The best way to build an app for your Shopify store

2 months free + free design*

If you have a strong brand following, a large product catalog with continual releases of new products and/or you do regular sales or product drops, a native mobile app will help you engage with and retain customers in a way that is far superior to your website alone.

*On enterprise plan

“No-code” Shopify best-practice rebase

Whether you’re launching for the first time, or just need to reclaim control of your store, our goal is to keep things simple and focused so that you can spend your limited time, energy, and money on the things that matter.

Current lead time: 1–2 weeks

Completion: 4 weeks from kickoff

Base price: $23,000*
Great deals on the best Shopify apps!

  • Audit existing assets, content, design, website, etc.
  • Set up premium Shopify theme
  • Set up optimized menus and navigation
  • Set up product structure—including titles, descriptions, image carousels, metafields, review blocks, and storytelling sections
  • Set up collection landing pages—including titles, descriptions, merchandizing, and filtering
  • Set up primary content pages—such as About Us, Shipping & Returns, Contact, etc.
  • Guidance on apps
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*This price reflects a typical base project. Final price and scope of work is subject to change depending on your needs and the complexity of your project.