How much does it cost to design and develop a Shopify Plus store?

Whether you’re just launching, refreshing, or replatforming—and even if you’re building “the next big thing”—our low-code (or even no-code) approach will help you get there faster with less complexity and a higher potential return on your investment!

One-Off Projects
Ongoing Work

How much does it cost to build a site on Shopify?

Depending on your needs, budget, and timeline there are three broad ways we can help you grow on Shopify.


Typical budget range: $15–50k

Typical timeline: 1–3 months

With decades of experience designing and building beautiful online experiences, we know what levers to pull and what knobs and dials to turn to get the most out of Shopify’s premium themes so that we can develop stunning, high-performing websites without bloat or technical debt.

Even if you are a rapidly-growing brand, we strongly encourage you to consider taking a no-code approach to your development. It will free you up to focus on things that make you unique and special—things that will move the needle.

As you gain traction and gather data from visitors and customers, we can begin developing customizations or custom components—while continuing to minimize technical debt so you can stay lean and nimble and iterate more quickly.


Typical budget range: $40–80k

Typical timeline: 2–4 months

It’s likely at some point that you will outgrow a Shopify theme—but it is probably not to the extent you believe, and it will likely not happen as soon as you expect.

Brands tend to approach agencies with a long list of features and functionality they (think they) need—rather than a clear list of goals and objectives.

Rather than custom-building your long list of features, we believe it is crucial to your success to stay lean and nimble—maximizing agility and minimizing technical debt—so you can focus on the fundamentals like product offering, content and storytelling, imagery, and marketing.

Taking a low-code approach enables us to develop custom components without building everything from scratch. You get a best-in-class website that as fast and flexible and built on a rock solid foundation.


Typical budget range: $100k+

Typical timeline: 4–6 months

If you’re an ambitious, rapidly-growing (or high-growth-potential) brand, you will likely be looking for a custom Shopify Plus store.

We’re craftspeople at heart—and, we love custom-building amazing solutions—but, we are also pragmatists.

As much as we love the challenge of building things from scratch, we caution you to reconsider why you believe you need a custom solution.

A custom solution might be needed if you have a complex product offering or are genuinely building something totally unique.

If not, and you are simply looking for a “unique” experience or relentless attention to detail in your design and experience, beware of the long-tail cost of complexity.

We are happy to talk more about this on a call.

Get expert, pragmatic support to help your grow

Hire a fractional Shopify development team

Whether you need basic ongoing support, resources for a full 6-month rebuild, or something in-between, our pricing model is super simple. We allocate dedicated resources at whatever scale you need—for how ever long you need them. Pause, modify, or cancel at any time with 30 days’ notice*.

Level 1

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Email and shared Slack channel
  • Up to 10 sprint points per month
  • Floating Shopify dev resource
  • Ad-hoc calls as needed

Level 2

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Email and shared Slack channel
  • Up to 25 sprint points per month
  • Floating Shopify dev resource
  • 2 × 1-hour calls per month + ad-hoc calls as needed

Level 3

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Email and shared Slack channel
  • Up to 60 sprint points per month
  • Dedicated Shopify dev and/or design resources
  • Weekly 1-hour calls + ad-hoc calls as needed

Level 4

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Email, shared Slack channel, and phone
  • Up to 150 sprint points per month
  • Dedicated Shopify dev and/or design resources
  • Weekly 1-hour calls + ad-hoc calls as needed

Need to make changes? Manage your plan

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*Retainers that start mid-month are prorated. Adjustments to retainers are not prorated and take effect at the end of the period.

Regardless of which approach you take, our goal is to help you get faster-to-market, enabling you to move more quickly so you can begin gathering data and testing assumptions—to inform future iterations and growth.

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