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Replatform from Headless to Shopify Plus & Development of Custom Product Finder Quiz


Clare approached us because their site was built on a complex custom headless solution and they were unable to maintain products—or even add new ones due to technical issues with the headless architecture.

Our primary focus was to migrate Clare back to Shopify Plus and rebuild some of the headless functionality like their Clare Color Genius™ product quiz natively on Shopify.

Some of the partners we’ve worked with on this project

Replatforming from a custom headless solution back to fully native on Shopify Plus

Because Clare was blocked with adding new products, there was somewhat of a time-crunch to replatform as quickly and nimbly as possible—while ensuring we were building a solid foundation for future growth.

The headless architecture was over-engineered with unnecessary complexity so we wanted to rebuild in a way that would give the Clare team the ability to better manage and maintain their products and content without the need for development support.


How to build a solid foundation on Shopify Plus to accommodate nimble development and future growth

In addition to the replatform to Shopify Plus, we needed to migrate some fairly complex custom functionality from their headless Contentful stack to Shopify Plus.

The most interesting work was rebuilding the Clare Color Genius™ product finder quiz natively on Shopify Plus using Vue.js—using theme sections and settings without relying on any third-party CMS.

We also developed shopable blog posts to highlight paints featured in the articles as well as custom “add-a-swatch” functionality on the PDPs.

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