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Migration to ReCharge and implementation of free-trial subscription workflow


Dropps™ is an award-winning eco-friendly laundry detergent manufacturer with a wonderful story.

Most people likely think Tide™ was the first to launch laundry pods; however, Dropps™ actually beat them to market by 7 years—introducing liquid unit-dose laundry pods in 2005.

Some of the partners we’ve worked with on this project

“I buy Tide because my mother used Tide—and her mother before her.”

One of the early challenges for Dropps™ was competing against the big household brands. The vast majority of consumers pick their laundry detergent because it’s what their parents and their grandparents used.

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Migrating from Bold to ReCharge the power of a free-trial offer

We started working with Dropps™ early in their direct-to-consumer journey and helped migrate them from Bold Recurring Orders to ReCharge.

The main focus of the early work we did together was designing and implementing a free-trial offer for new customers.

With a new product in a saturated commodity market, it’s tough getting consumers to shift their loyalties from other brands.

The key to this was giving people a chance to try the product before signing up to a subscription plan.

This was also in the early days of inline subscriptions, which added even more friction to the decision-making process for new customers who weren’t accustomed to buying direct online, let alone signing up to a subscription.

Phenomenal growth

We had to do some pretty pioneering work because we were building ReCharge workflows that weren’t supported by the platform at the time.

We had to build the free-trial functionality from scratch at the start using innovative workarounds. But it worked.

After some iterative experimentation around messaging and pricing, growth began to pick up on the back of the free-trial offering.

As with most of the successful brands, though, the success of Dropps™ has little to do with the technicalities of their site and everything to do with their products, their mission, and their story. It’s worth digging into if you are interested.

They have successful converted customers into fans and have built a community and following around their brand. It was an honor to work with them at the start of this phase of their journey.

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