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Simple, elegant, low-code Shopify Plus design and Recharge subscriptions refresh


Enviroscent is setting a new standard with their non-toxic, soot-free, leak- and spill-proof, sustainably-packaged, pet-friendly air fresheners and home fragrances products.

They approached us because their team was struggling to showcase their fantastic product range in a simple, elegant, intuitive way due to their old Shopify theme and the mounting technical debt from years of tweaks and patches.

Some of the partners we’ve worked with on this project

Simplifying the customer journey and improving subscriptions

Our goal was to make it easier for customers to differentiate the various products—helping guide the decision-making between the various ranges and then in choosing a scent. We also needed to improve the experience around choosing whether or not to subscribe—and how that would work with starter kits and refills.


A simple, low-code approach to some rather complex problems

We took a low-code approach to this project to enable us to focus on the fundamental aspects of content and storytelling, design, imagery, and subscription flows. We built upon our best-in-class theme framework to build a solid foundation for growth—while minimizing technical debt. We used Recharge’s Workflows engine to build simple, no-code rules that convert starter kits into recurring refill subscriptions. We also implemented some innovative “scent story” blocks in our theme framework that enable us to tell unique stories for individual variants without complex, custom templates.

A best-in-class DTC subscription site that leverages the power of Recharge and Shopify Plus

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