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Lean and nimble replatform from Squarespace to Shopify


Over the past several years, Felt+Fat has been seeing fantastic growth of the direct-to-consumer side of their business.

While Squarespace was initially easy to set up and maintain, they were struggling with the lack of ecommerce features as their product offering grew and their merchandizing needs became more complex.

They approach us to help them with a lean, nimble migration from Squarespace to Shopify and were a perfect fit for our “no-code” approach—starting with the fundamental best practices to get them over to Shopify before going deeper into the nice-to-haves.

Some of the partners we’ve worked with on this project

Weighing up what content we can remix and what we need to recreate

The biggest challenge of any replatforming or refreshing project is almost always content. Felt+Fat, like so many of the authentic, founder-led brands we work with, has fabulous products, an awesome story, and lots of happy customers. But, despite the flexibility of Squarespace’s content-management system, they weren’t doing a great job of telling their story!

During the course of our replatform, we focused heavily on content—reshooting all the products for a consistent look and a fun, whimsical style that better reflects the subtle quirkiness of the brand. We also reworked the content architecture to better merchandize their product lines—making it easier for customers to browse and click around.


Minimizing technical debt while leading with content and storytelling

We wireframed and prototyped the new site within Shopify—enabling us to test in real-time what content sections and blocks we might need, how we would filter collections, and what the optimum user-journeys would be. By working within the framework of a premium Shopify theme, we eliminated the typical challenges around designing with static mockups. Everything we did was responsive and mobile-first from the very beginning—and, most importantly, we avoided the inevitable technical debt that comes with a client asking “can we just move that over there?” or “can we change the way that works?”, leading to exponential scope-creep in the implementation phase.

Post-migration increase of 28% in sales and 21% AOV

Not counting the pause to direct, shoot, and post-produce over 800 new product images, this project could have been turned around in 2 months from first kickoff call to delivery—easily. Felt+Fat now has an beautiful, highly functional, best-in-class ecommerce site built on a super solid foundation that hasn’t “voided the warranty” of the theme, so to speak, and is well set up for future iterations and tweaks—led by data and real-world feedback as opposed to leap of faith assumptions.

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