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Groove Life is one of the leading makers of premium quality silicone rings, watch bands, belts, and innovative accessories for active people.

Founded in 2016 by Peter Goodwin with the launch of the original Groove Ring, Groove Life has seen tremendous growth. From just Peter in his garage to a team of 170+ people, they produce a huge range of popular, adventure-inspired outdoor lifestyle products and have some amazing collaborations with the likes of Marvel and Tony Hawk.

Some of the partners we’ve worked with on this project

How to migrate the complexities of a bloated Shopify Plus theme into a lean and nimble Shogun Frontend build that will be super fast and allow for continued growth?

Lucid was the first agency in the world to build on Shogun Frontend. It was a fun challenge working with the Shogun and Groove Life teams on the bleeding edge of the next generation of ecommerce platforms.

In addition to building on a rapidly-evolving platform that was launching new features and improvements nearly every day, we had to deal with the complexities of migrating from a Shopify Plus store with over 50 custom templates and hundreds of unique pages!


Fully custom headless PWA powered by Shogun Frontend

The Groove Life website was built from scratch on Shogun Frontend to give the Groove Life team more control over their content and shipping experience and to provide a significant improvement in site speed and overall conversion rates.

With a highly flexible content management system, Shogun Frontend has a content architecture that supports very complex sites—allowing for rich storytelling and intuitive user-flows without the complexities and workarounds traditionally required in Shopify themes.

Our goal was to build a foundation and framework to enable more rapid ongoing development and to produce a result focused on speed and usability.

The ecommerce store is still powered by Shopify Plus on the backend with the frontend built on Shogun Frontend.

A 15.8% increase in average revenue per user, 11.7% increase in AOV, and a 19% decrease in bounce rates!

One of the huge benefits of PWAs is the reduction in page load speeds, which can reduce bounce rates and improve conversions.

And, while a lot of people talk about the benefits of site speed with headless builds, the most significant benefit of building on Shogun Frontend is the nimbleness and agility of development.

Once we are no longer restricted by the limitations of Liquid and Shopify theme architecture, we can design and build a site in any way we need in order to provide a rich and seamless customer experience that is maintainable and scaleable and that minimizes technical debt.

This is particularly powerful when it comes to building special landing pages and collections for new product launches and collaborations where the content is unique and needs to be carefully curated for the given context.

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