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Zip Top

Post-Kickstarter Shopify store redesign for innovative storage products


Coming off the back of a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign (followed by an equally successful follow-up campaign on Indiegogo), Zip Top was ready to switch from pre-orders to live orders through a custom built ecommerce store.

A big part of their pre-launch success was their witty Kickstarter video and their ability to capture the attention of new customers through an engaging story and a thoughtfully-designed solution to a common problem.

We ran client UX workshops with the Zip Top team to rethink the user-experience to put a stronger emphasis on authentic storytelling through  strong lifestyle and product imagery along the customer journey.

Some of the partners we’ve worked with on this project

How to refresh the site quickly in time for the major holidays while adding a richer layer of storytelling and design

Design—during the UX and design phase, we were challenged to figure out a best-in-class user-experience and give visitors easier ways to browse and compare the different product lines.

Storytelling—we also needed to promote the why around the product. Why it took 2 years to create this product and the thoughtfulness of the design and engineering. 

Launch timeline—the client was eager to get the site live before Black Friday / Cyber Monday to capture sales and market share during that high volume sales period.


An overall design refresh and foundational rebuild to support future growth

We ran client UX and design workshops to identify and remove points of friction in the purchasing patterns and user-flow to purchase.

During our workshops we reviewed the following: 

  • Google Analytics behavior
  • Competitive review 
  • Creating user personas and flows

Explosive growth in sales and order volume in time for Black Friday Cyber Monday

  • We used creative innovative techniques on the collection and product pages to use visual elements to fine tune the funnel and make the purchase path clear and obvious.
  • By highlighting the emotional connection and storytelling we were able to design thoughtful experiences to show the benefits and features of the product and brand.
  • We pushed the boundaries of what Shopify and custom coding is capable of achieving in a way that was still user friendly for the merchant and easy to update, and future proofed within best practices for continuous improvement.
  • We hit the launch timeline of 3.5 months, and were able to launch the new site before BFCM to capture that high volume selling period.

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