Automate Repetitive Ecommerce Tasks

Ecommerce automation allows business owners to save time by offloading repetitive tasks using ecommerce automation tools.


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What is this superpower?

Ecommerce automation allows business owners to save time by offloading repetitive tasks using ecommerce automation tools. This allows brands to free up their schedule and reclaim lost time so they can refocus on what matters most–growing the business. Start automating across 100+ apps and platforms for marketing, customer support, order and inventory management, fulfillment, team communication, analytics, and more.

For example, one common task that brands face is keeping tracking of and updating inventory levels on their web stores. Research has shown that adding a simple “Low Stock” banner to items can help drive purchasing, but doing this has traditionally been a slow task of manually checking stock and updating product pages. By using ecommerce automation tools and workflow templates, you can have product pages automatically update themselves as stock diminishes and even ping you once they are sold out.

This is just one of the hundreds of use cases for automation tools, with many more templates available in our marketplace for you to choose from. If you can’t find a workflow that fits your exact needs and process, our code-free tools let you effortlessly adapt and customize an automation. In the end, ecommerce automation makes it easy to offload some of the tasks of running an online store by getting things done exactly when you need them to be.

Why is it important for growth?

By adding automations for the repetitive tasks you complete, you save time and increase efficiency all without hiring someone to take over your tasks. Put your processes back where they belong and understand and use the data across your tech stack and easily take actions in 100+ apps in platforms from one place.

Founders: Automation for ecommerce founders is critical. Cut down on context switching and cut your todo list in half. Let automation tools do the tedious, unimportant work so you can focus on scaling and brand-building.

Marketers: Automation for ecommerce marketers saves time switching between marketing platforms, running day-to-day marketing operations so marketers can focus more on marketing strategy.

Operators: Automation for ecommerce operators can reduce time ten-fold. Whether you’re operating shipping and fulfillment or customer experiences, automation can streamline every line order you receive. Streamline your shipping logistics and operations by directly connecting your spreadsheets with your 3PL, while automating internal reordering communications.

Engineers: Automation for ecommerce engineers means engineers can stop dealing with messy APIs without sacrificing on customization or interoperability in your store's backend. Alloy gives nontechnical team members the power to configure integrations and flows, and gives you more control over your tech stack.

How can brands take advantage of this?

Using an ecommerce automation platform is the fastest way to reclaim your time. If you're looking for a tactical, step-by-step guide on how to get started, check out our ecommerce automation playbook. In it, we cover how to automate everything from email marketing to returns or fraud.

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