Collect Actionable Zero-Party Data

Reviews are a fantastic way to collect quality, actionable, zero-party data from your customers.

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What is this superpower?

Merchants can collect zero-party data with Okendo attributes in the review request process. Because of the influx of purchases during BFCM, the number of review request emails should be heightened, along with the opportunity to collect more zero-party data from your customers post-BFCM purchase.

Why is it important for growth?

The recent Apple and Google privacy changes are making it harder for merchants to obtain third-party customer data. Therefore, zero-party data, or information about the customer that is voluntarily given to you by the customer, is becoming an increasingly valuable source of data for marketers to better understand their customers.

How can brands take advantage of this?

Using Okendo attributes, merchants can ask their customers to supply information about their demographics, lifestyles, behaviors, activities, and more within the reviews collection process. Attributes are 100% customizable, so brands can request any data that they’d like to about their customers. Okendo generally recommends adding a maximum of 5-8 attributes per review request.

About this partner

Over 4,000 fast-growing Shopify DTC brands, including SKIMS, Netflix & Knix, love Okendo because of our product, the service, and the price.

As a product & customer-centric organization, we’ve built our platform with extensive customization options so our merchants can easily create a reviews program that fits within their brand standards. Okendo widgets are built for fast performance and site speed, and every touchpoint within the reviews journey is optimized for mobile. We enable our merchants to connect their existing tech stack to scale their marketing efforts through our best in class integrations with platforms such as Klaviyo, Google Shopping, and more.

Brands that switch to Okendo see a significant lift in review and UGC generation. Merchants have an average of 10% increase in AOV after using Okendo, and shoppers that interact with our reviews are 4-5x more likely to convert. With our superior performance, a customer success team that’s dedicated to our merchants’ success, and affordable month to month pricing, our merchants achieve a bigger return on their marketing investment.


Integrations with other platforms that make this superpower even more impactful.

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