Extended Warranties

Increase AOV and retain more customers for longer with extended warranties.


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What is this superpower?

Retail and marketplace giants like Amazon and Apple have the buying and the people power to negotiate and work through the process to offer extended warranty programs to their customers. Historically, there has been no option for businesses of all sizes- from start ups to enterprises- to leverage the same offering. Clyde has done the heavy lifting and made the process easy and accessible for retailers of all sizes to offer extended warranties and product protection plans to their customers.

Clyde merchants experience an increase in Average Order Value by 11% and have four times (18%) the industry average attachment rate (4%). On top of that, they make 60-80% markup off each contract sold.

Why is it important for growth?

Not only can businesses of all sizes now benefit financially from offering these SKU's, but today's consumer expects product protection offerings. With product protection available everywhere we buy- from online marketplaces to big box retailers, our customers expect to have the option to purchase product protection. A recent study from Assurant showed that offering warranty coverage increases a customer's intent to purchase by 25%.

In fact, in times of economic uncertainty (a global pandemic, for example), consumers are more likely to purchase warranty coverage on a product. Clyde empowers the end user by offering them full lifecycle ownership of products. Your customers can continue to use the products they buy and love with confidence, knowing if anything does go wrong, they're covered.

How can brands take advantage of this?

Clyde has a free-to-use, free-to-install app in the Shopify app store. We'll help you optimize attachment rate and give you the flexibility to customize where the Clyde CTA appears on your website.

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