Leverage Zero-Party Data Across SMS & Email

Leverage zero-party data across SMS and email (Klaviyo) to personalize the customer journey and boost conversions.


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  • Speed to Market
  • Potential ROI
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What is this superpower?

Collecting zero-party data is really important, but that doesn't mean a thing if you don't utilize that data in your marketing efforts. Evaluate your data, segment customers and build personalized flows on email and SMS. Make your customers feel special through personalized interactions and your AOV and LTV will skyrocket.

Why is it important for growth?

Customers want to feel special and have a delightful experience when shopping. Brands that go the extra mile and provide this personalization see a significant increase in sales conversions and retention.

How can brands take advantage of this?

Brands ready to collect and leverage zero-party data for marketing personalization can simply download the Octane AI app and get started on their journey to better conversions and deeper customer relationships.

About this partner

Octane AI is the leading zero-party data marketing platform for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants. We are the only certified Shopify Plus technology for quizzes and we were picked by Shopify itself as The Best Storefront App in the Commerce Awards (out of 5,000+ apps). And the cherry on top? Our platform is trusted by Shopify itself to power their store's Shop Quiz.


Integrations with other platforms that make this superpower even more impactful.

Sync Zero-Party Data Collected Through Octane AI with Klaviyo

Sync all the zero-party data collected through Octane AI with Klaviyo. This integration makes it easy for your brand to segment customers and send personalized emails and SMS messages.

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