Easy Product Bundles

Increase AOV by packaging multiple products into kits or bundles.

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What is this superpower?

Packaging multiple products together as one at a discounted price so customers spend more money on your store (while saving money on each individual unit), allowing them to try more of your awesome products.

Why is it important for growth?

Bundling products helps push customers to a higher AOV, while at the same time giving them better value (and helping them make a decision rather than get overwhelmed by too many options).

How can brands take advantage of this?

Bundles aren’t just reserved for duos like shampoo and conditioner, or razors and blades. Best practices include:

  • Showcasing the cost savings achieved when you buy a few products as a kit or bundle (i.e., how much money they are saving by buying this grouping, as opposed to individual units) as compared to how much it costs to buy each product by itself.
  • Featuring three options side-by-side on your home page with the bundle option in the middle (knowing that most consumers choose the middle option).
  • Creating new bundles for your holiday promotions, as these make great gift options, handpicking the best products for your customers, saving them time.
  • Offering free shipping on bundles or incentivizing bundles to get to a minimum spend threshold to qualify for free shipping.

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